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Selling at Events

February 5, 2018
Selling at Events

January is finally over. The planning has begun.

It's now time to look for events all over Ireland to sell your candles at.

Don't be tempted to work in markets all the time. We are getting out of our comfort circle this year... well!!  Is that not true?

Look at our site for updated details on events www.waxbrothers.com

Try one of the Holistic fairs in Feb. They are all over Ireland.

If you plan on doing an event and are unsure. Email us and we can let you know what we know about it.

info@waxbrothers.ie for Help and support

www.waxbrothers.ie for Candle making supplies

www.waxbrothers.com for news on events and log in

Best wishes



New online course

February 6, 2018
Try our online candle making course
Try one of our online candle making courses.
We have uploaded some new videos to help
making candles in moulds.
Full instructions and video.
email info@waxbrothers.ie

New Soy Wicks

February 10, 2018
Eco soy Wick guide

We have new ECO Soy wick for Containers.

If you are making candles, you need to understand the Burn pool.

If you burn a candle for 4 hours. Measurse the Burn pool. for example if it is 50mm.

Pick the wick that suits the 50mm burn pool. In this case. Wick size Eco 0.5 or ECO 1

Check out our website for a wide range of wick for your project. www.waxbrothers.ie 

Wick ECO mm Burn Pool Containers Tabs
ECO 0.2 up to 25mm  Soy Wax yes
Eco 0.5 up to 40mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 1 up to 50mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 2 up to 60mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 4 up to 65mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 6 up to 70mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 8 up to 70mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 10 up to 75mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 12 up to 75mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 14 up to 80mm Soy Wax yes
Eco 16 up to 85mm Soy wax yes

Eco soy Wick Guide